What's your leadership goal?

Effective Leaders Build Positive Relationships

Are you focused on People or Performance? Are your leadership goals relationship or task focused or both?  Research shows that effective leaders demonstrate a balance between people (relationship) and performance (task) outcomes.  At Eden Park, we believe if you get the people part right, then the performance part often takes care of itself.

Leadership Coaching

At Eden Park, we provide leadership coaching (or executive coaching) to people who want to be more effective leaders. Our clients may be formal or informal leaders – they may be aspiring leaders. We believe that anyone can be a leader.

Our definition of a leader is a simple one:  “a leader is a person who leads, a person followed by others, a person who guides or shows the way for others to a certain destination by going with them or in front of them, or guiding by persuasion or example or argument.”

We believe that leadership always starts with a relationship, a one-on-one connection between the leader and the people they lead (or hope to lead). For this reason, our approach to leadership coaching always begins by focusing on interpersonal relationships.

Organizations today need people and leaders who can connect, engage, motivate, and build positive, collaborative relationships — emotionally intelligent relationships!

Everyone Needs A Coach

It is widely accepted – even expected – that all successful athletes have coaches.  And, even the most successful business people find benefit in having a coach.  As Bill Gates (Microsoft) has said, “Everyone needs a coach.”  Coaching helps facilitate leadership development.  It fosters creative thinking and positive change through a process of thoughtful reflection and feedback.  Coaching helps people see things and work things out from a different perspective.

Eden Park Approach

At Eden Park, we follow the professional practices of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession.  We have been trained as Professional Coaches through an ICF-accredited Training Program (Adler International).

Our coaching approach is complemented by practical experience and current research in the field of leadership development.  We draw from the fields of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behaviour to inform the coaching process from a content perspective.

Organizational psychology is the study of individual and group behaviour in organizational settings. Organizational behaviour is a broader field which studies the structure and management of organizations, their environments, and the actions/interactions of their individual members and groups. Organizational psychology draws primarily from the field of psychology and organizational behaviour draws from a variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economics.

We provide flexible tailored coaching based upon your preferred coaching focus (business and/or personal) and time horizon.

Eden Park Outcomes

At Eden Park, we focus on positive results.  We help people identify and achieve their leadership goals.  We help clients think strategically about their leadership goals.  We help align your goals with effective strategies designed to leverage your leadership strengths.

Coaching Assessments

We complement our coaching services with assessments that help highlight leadership strengths and improve personal self-awareness – emotional intelligence.  Self-awareness is one of the key factors that contributes to leadership effectiveness.  People who understand themselves and their environment (emotional & social awareness) make better leaders because they are more effective at building positive relationships.

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict questionnaire helps people understand their negotiation and conflict management styles.

Emotional and Social Awareness Strengths:

The MBTI® questionnaire helps people understand what makes them tick.  It describes personal preferences for how people like to get information, make decisions, and engage with other people and their environment.  The MBTI® is insightful, reliable, and accurate.  The MBTI® doesn’t compare you with other people.  It focuses on you alone; it reflects who you are.

The MBTI® is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types.  The MBTI® is taken by over 2 million people each year and is widely used in workplace settings for personal and team development.  Since its first publication in 1962, the MBTI® has been expanded to include the MBTI® Step II questionnaire which provides more insight beyond the classic 4-letter code.  The MBTI® Step II measures 20 separate facets of personality preferences which illuminate individual leadership strengths and blind spots.  At a macro level, the MBTI® enhances emotional intelligence by increasing self-awareness.  At a micro level, insights gained through the MBTI® Step II helps people identify their leadership strengths and enhance their leadership effectiveness, especially in the areas of communication, decision-making, conflict management, and change management.

The MBTI® is a proprietary product that can only be administered by a Certified Practitioner.  Eden Park coaches are certified to administer the MBTI®.

Four Approaches to Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching

Helps leaders with new mandates take on new challenges; helps teams move to high-performance levels.

Executive Coaching

Helps leaders work through challenging issues and strategic decisions.

Personal Coaching

Enhances interpersonal effectiveness.

Strengths Coaching

Builds emotional and social awareness strengths in individuals and teams.