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Mid-Career Moves – What’s Next?


Are you asking yourself, “What’s next?” Or, “Is this all there is?” If that time has come where you are ready to explore your options and make the move to taking the next step in your career, then I highly recommend Eden Park Career Services to be your career advisors. They offer a program that is affordable and tailor made to help you decide where you want to go next in your career, and to create the plan to get there! Is there anything better than investing in yourself and your future to ensure that you are satisfied with where you are and where you can potentially go?

Transformational Impact – Mid-Career Marketing Professional

Tracy I.

The impact of the Eden Park career coaching program was far greater than I had expected! Not only did it give me renewed focus on what I was interested in and really wanted from my job, it also gave me renewed self-confidence. Having gained mor clarity on what makes me happy at work, I have made some changes at work and in my personal life. My colleagues, family and friends have noticed that I’m a much more positive person. Thank you!

Successful Executive Transition and Industry Change

Anne F.

The last few months have given me an opportunity to not only find my next role but to reflect on my career, what I want for the remainder of my career and life, and set me up to be actively thinking about that so I have a proactive path forward. Without question, I am in a much better place coming out of this. Everything does happen for a reason. I can’t thank you enough for your helpful advice and support in working through this process. I start my new role later this month!

Return to Work - Former Technology Executive

Kathy K.

I recently got divorced after 18 years of being a stay-at-home mother who worked only occasionally and part-time. The Eden Park process helped me to identify my strengths and pointed me in the direction to get back into the work force. It also gave me the confidence of knowing that I can get back into the work force.

Career Change Success - Into Not-for-Profit

Maggi P.

I recently started a new position which I am beyond excited about! It’s a great fit and is aligned with my interests and preferred work environment! Eden Park’s guided, yet flexible, approach let me identify facets of my personality without judgement. This recognition allowed me to better understand myself and the type of work and environments that are best suited for me. I would highly recommend the Eden Park program to anyone looking to dig deeper and consciously construct a fulfilling career that is well suited to their needs.

Technology Executive (early 50s) Looking for a New Role

Heather’s professional and matter-of-fact manner encouraged me to be completely honest in my questionnaire answers. She delivers the results objectively and conveys what might be perceived as negatives in a positive manner, giving ideas as to how you can take the results as a collective whole, look to the big picture and apply them to your job-search goals.

Chief Financial Officer, Successful Industry Change


I’ve been in my new role now for two years and it’s a perfect fit! I found the fact that you are a business executive very helpful when reviewing a CFO CV since you were able to help me identify and describe my core capabilities.

In my particular situation, which includes almost 30 years of work experience with 12 companies across a number of market segments, I liked the process of starting with the “My Story” exercise. It forced me to revisit my career choices and form a narrative that needed to be reflected in my CV, cover letter and during the interview process. It was especially useful in identifying the mandate of each engagement beyond the simple job posting type of language.

Global HR Executive, Pre-Retirement Plan


After a career of more than 30 years in management and leadership roles, I worked with Heather to define how I wanted to approach my retirement. Although I had a broad idea of what I wanted to do, the exercises we did together helped me zero in on key themes and provided new insight into activities, both professional and personal, I would find fulfilling. Heather provided excellent guidance and coaching and helped me shape ideas that are guiding my transition to an active and happy next chapter. Thank you, Heather, for your expert counsel and advice!

Engineering Partner, Global Senior Leadership Team Dynamics


I had the pleasure of working with Heather at my previous firm. Heather helped us identify where our issues lay and gave us some very helpful suggestions on moving forward. Heather impressed me and the majority of the senior staff with her forthright, honest and sincere assessment of our strengths and weaknesses as it related to the senior leadership team.

I continue to liaise with Heather as her frank and honest communication style, vast knowledge of business practices and utmost professionalism and confidentiality continue to impress me. I would wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone who is facing challenges in their business and/or who needs assistance in sorting out their own careers.

Mid-career Executive in Publishing


Having started my career extremely motivated and driven, but not necessarily in the right career for me, this process showed me that I can find jobs that I’ll enjoy and are well-suited to my personality & working styles.  It gave me hope and incentive to move forward.

Chief Administrative Officer


My Aha! moment was that I don’t have to be something I’m not to find fulfilling work – fulfilling both financially temperamentally.

Former Financial Services Executive


I highly recommend this approach to anyone considering a change in career direction. Heather’s approach is refreshing and unique. Working with Heather helped me understand the difference between “using my skill set at work” and “being happy at work”. Career counselors I have used in the past focused on industry verticals while Eden Park started with my skill set and interests and then helped me uncover a wider variety and number of different applications of my skill set and interests. Heather’s laser insight and expertise also provided me with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the other elements I need at work – how, where and with whom I am working – to enable me to be “happy at work”. I now have a solid understanding of where and how I want to work and a plan going forward to fulfill my search.

Leadership Team Member, Team Building/Strategy Offsite

The team-building that Eden Park Group did with our team helped me to see how I had been assuming some things about team members that weren’t true. I was able to work with team members with more confidence because I knew what they needed and how they worked best; it also empowered me to ask for what I needed in order to have better working relationships.

Career Transition – My Next Chapter


Heather’s approach was well worth the investment. It provided me with valuable frameworks, insights, and opportunity for reflection to help me sort out what I want to do moving forward. She pushed me to challenge myself so that I do not limit my future possibilities; and, the various assessment instruments we worked through were very powerful.

Lawyer, Returning to Work

Clair, JD

I think I secretly hoped that there would be an easy answer. (Sort of like that magic pill that will make me athletic without ever going to the gym!) I wanted Heather to TELL ME what I should do with my life. ALAS, it was not her decision to make…as I reflected between meetings, I was astounded that I had never addressed these various facets of me before. I had never really considered what I liked to do and certainly not why I might like one activity in a job over another. It was a great experience.

Part-time Faculty Member, Georgian College, ON


Working with Eden Park allowed me to enter the whirlwind, and then, in a series of sessions develop a plan to explore three potential career options. I am excited. My career coach was a skilled professional who has guided me along the way in a non-judgemental way and recognized where I should direct my focus even when I didn’t realize some of the options myself.

It has been an empowering, motivational, and life-changing experience; I cannot thank Eden Park enough for helping me plan and discover my future career.

Career Rough Patch – Contemplating Big Changes


I was at a rough point in my career and contemplating big changes when I started the Eden Park process.

Heather was friendly, insightful and willing to work at a pace that I was comfortable with.

Through questionnaires and activities, I was able to figure out what was important to me in my career and, even more so, what wasn’t of interest.

I highly recommend Eden Park to anyone uncertain about their career, whether just starting out or with years of experience!

Senior Registered Health Care Professional


I have enjoyed working in my chosen profession for 15 years. As a registered health-care professional I’m conscious of the fact that my career is very labour intensive and that I need to plan for a more sustainable future. I had no idea where to start or what career field I wanted to pursue.

My experience with my Eden Park Group career advisor has been one of guided self-discovery, revelation, optimism and inspiration. My career coach’s expertise in the field of consulting and the corporate business world meant I had an experienced and knowledgeable career advisor. During each phase of the process I felt nothing but support and encouragement. This allowed me to really dig deep and answer some tough questions. It also allowed me to make some self-affirming as well as some surprising discoveries about myself personally and professionally.

After completing the interview and testing phase, I realized that I not only wanted to make a change, but that I needed to make a change; exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The Eden Park process provided the support and guidance that was catered to achieving my personal and professional goals within realistic timeframes. Without the help and guidance of my career coach at Eden Park, I don’t believe that I would have challenged myself in the same way, or had the motivation to complete the process, had I attempted to complete this journey on my own.

Expat Professional, Geographic Move with Spouse


Heather is encouraging and non-judgmental. She feels safe. She conveys kindness and enthusiasm while still coming across as very capable, efficient and knowledgeable. She helped me to pinpoint where I needed to really address / consider my own motivations and interests. I am certain that she is one of those people who always see the glass half full. She celebrates differences and clearly realizes and appreciates that we are all unique individuals with something to offer to the world.

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