Everyone can be happy at work!

At Eden Park, we provide coaching (career, leadership) and consulting services.  We help people who want to be intentional and strategic about career and leadership choices.  We help people to be the best that they can be in their careers and in their leadership roles.  We deliver a thoughtful program that empowers our clients to pursue their career and leadership goals with confidence, determination, and purpose.  For organizations, we provide organizational development/change consulting services.

For coaching we ground our approach on the International Coaching Federation core competencies. We are trained as Professional Coaches through the Adler Graduate Professional School (Toronto) which is an Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  The ICF is the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches.  For consulting, we ground our approach in the field of organizational psychology and organizational behavior.  We also incorporate coaching principles into our organizational development consulting approach.

Coaching is a learning process – an applied action learning process.  We believe that people are the creators and creations of their own lives. People are the creators and the outcome of their own goals. ICF based coaching is a pragmatic approach that is focused on helping people bring their choices and actions in line with their unique ‘best self’ in a thoughtful and creative manner so as to realize their career and life goals.



We work with individuals through our tailored:

  • Career Coaching Program
  • Leadership Coaching Program



We work with organizations to deliver:

  • Career Coaching Programs
  • Leadership Coaching Programs
  • Increased Team Performance
  • People Engagement
  • Women in Leadership Programs

For career development, we work with individuals who are at different stages of their career journey and we can act as a sounding board, a guide, or as a co-pilot – it’s up to you; also, we work with organizations who want to provide a tailored level of support to their people in the area of career management.

For leadership and executive development, we work with individuals and organizations looking to enhance leadership effectiveness. We also work with leaders working to build effective teams. Also, we specialize in helping women optimize their leadership effectiveness.

For leaders and their teams, we collaborate with you to design and deliver the approach to organizational development consulting and facilitation that fits best with you and your people.


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Heather is the Founder of Eden Park Group.


Ian is the Co-Founder of Eden Park Group.