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Phases of career development

Career Defined

At Eden Park, we define the word career as the evolution of a person’s working experiences over time. Careers typically progress through stages. This progression can be linear or non-linear as careers move in all directions: up, down, and sideways. Technology has created more choices and made careers more flexible and organic. Research shows that career happiness starts with the alignment of interests, strengths, and values. This is why it’s helpful early in your career to make sure that your career is aligned.

Career Development Phases

We identify with four phases of career development: 20s, 30s, 40s, and mid-50s. During each period people move through predictable phases of development at varying degrees of speed. At a macro level, people in their 20s are launching careers, people in their 30s are mastering their craft, people in their 40s are innovating or holding their own, and people in their mid-50s are often transitioning or re-inventing themselves. At a micro level, people undergo a secondary level of development which repeats itself across all phases of development: learning, growth, consolidation of knowledge and experience, maintenance, and finally some form of change. This process is a continuing cycle of learning, growth, and change throughout a person’s working life. People who understand the different phases of career development are better able to position and leverage opportunities at all points along their career journey.

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